Gifts & Fundings


I, Sophia Grace Elizabeth Govaerts, received the CHI-vision more than ten years ago. Back then the world wasn't ready for this idea. NOW WE ARE :-) 
So I decided to birth Claim your Health Institute into this world. 
So far I'm doing everything volunteerly. I've worked years to get to this point and I've been talking with hundreds of people all over the world before I could launch this project, so we are doing this together


If you feel resonance with this project that will guide people back to their essence where they can tap into their infinite self healing properties and become happier and healthier beings, then you can make (spontaneous or regular) donations so that we can really get things done and make a beautiful and powerful difference in this world (by offering content, interviews, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc).


Besides the spontaneous gifts, you can also contribute for a Vitality Pack, Vitality Plus Pack or a Quantum Pack. Your gift will be respectively €222, €555 or €1111. In return you'll receive a wonderful pack of advantages and gifts to thank you for your help! Please contact us for more info! 


CHI's banc account number is BE04 9793 3868 7831  and your contribution can be sent as a 'Gift + your name' to Govaerts CHI. We thank you from the bottom of our big, faithful hearts!